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Do’s and don’ts of hearing aid battery care

January 15, 2019

Do’s 1. Do let your batteries rest for one min after you pull the tab off and before you put into your hearing aid. 2. Do throw your battery away if your hearing aid gets wet. 3. Do carry extra batteries with you at all times. 4. Do open your battery door at night when you take your hearing aids off. 5. Do use a battery tester to check your batteries. Don’ts 1 ...

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Noise may damage more than your hearing

January 3, 2019

A female scream. Squealing brakes. A baby crying. An electric drill. Nails on a blackboard. They all make the list. The top 10 list. The top 10 list of the most unpleasant sounds according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Instead of torturing you with the entire list, I limited it by choosing my personal top five. You’re welcome! Just reading through the list made me cringe. I wanted to cover ...

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