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Professional Hearing Care in Jonesboro, Northeast, AR and SW Missouri

Greg and LeAnn Smith are the proud Christian owners of Hearing Specialists. They have been serving the Jonesboro, AR and surrounding communities since 1998. This makes them the longest hearing instrument dispenser ownership in Northeast Arkansas.

Greg and LeAnn strive to treat each patient as if they were their own family member, to ensure they receive the best possible hearing care. They focus on serving those struggling with hearing loss, with the best value in hearing aid technology in Jonesboro, AR. As an established business in the communities they serve, their goal is to enrich the lives of area residents with better hearing. We have hearing aids in stock and can perform same day testing/fitting.


It's a matter of what you are looking for in your journey toward better hearing in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, there is a difference.

  • If you are looking for a chain, that's not us, if you are looking for local ownership with 2 licensed professionals with nearly 48 years of combined experience, that is us.  
  • If you are looking for aftercare (ALL hearing aids require aftercare) that is performed by the licensed owners and not hired employees that come and go, that is us. 
  • If you are looking for someone who has no obligation and no debt to ANY manufacturer, that is us (this can lead a provider to fit someone with "certain" hearing aids to fill a quota with the manufacturer rather than fulfilling the needs of the patient). 
  • If you are looking for an office that does not have commissioned sales, quotas, or company paid vacation trips, that is us.
  • If you are looking for stability in an office that has not closed and abandoned the hearing needs of those whom they have fit with hearing aids, that is us (many offices have simply closed here leaving their consumers with nowhere to turn for adjustments and care).
  • If you are looking for an office where you can go for aftercare for the past, nearly, 24 years and not have to deal with a new professional (who you do not have a rapport with) and have to start over, that is us.
  •  If you are looking for professionals who will test your hearing, be frank and inform you that your hearing is normal, just the same as informing you that there is a hearing loss, that is us.
  •  If you are looking for someone who will tell you the truth, as they see it, and not what you want to hear, that is us.
  •  If you are looking for someone who will test you, inform you, answer your questions, and let you decide, that is us (never pressure, if hearing aids are warranted, that should be your decision).
  •  If you are looking for professionals who dedicate time every day for aftercare, that is us (hearing aid providers do not get paid again for aftercare or warranty work which causes some just to focus on new sales).
  •  If you are looking for an office that has accumulated at least 9 local best of contests, that is us.
  • If you are looking for a better price (comparing apples to apples) on American owned/made products, that is us.

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