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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

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"I have had so much trouble hearing out of both of my ears; with these new hearing aids everything is much better. I can actually hear my kids talk to me! Thank you so much Hearing Specialists!"

Adam O. from Pocahontas, Arkansas

"I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids and the great service at Hearing Specialists."

Alan L. from Wynne, AR

"I keep telling myself that my hearing wasn't that bad.  But my family insisted that I get some hearing aids.  So I finally broke down and made the call.  My hearing was worse than I thought.  The first moment they put hearing aids in my ears I began to cry.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  I could hear again, and that was something I haven't been able to do in over 10 years.  I can hear my husband whisper that he loves me.  It was amazing.  Hearing Specialists gave me a gift I could never pay back!"

Angelia B. of Harrisburg, AR

"I love my new hearing aids.  They are so comfortable and so easy to operate.  I can hear things now that I didn’t know I’d been missing.  It’s not just that words are louder but they are clearer.  I can hear birds singing- beautiful clocks ticking and even the dog snoring- maybe not a beautiful sound but just knowing he’s sleeping peacefully is a wonderful thing.  Thank you Hearing Specialists."

Annie D. from Jonesboro, AR

"I had hearing problems since I was a little girl.  My family members always complain about me talking loud.  When one day I made an appointment with Hearing Specialists and my hearing was worse than I thought.  I had to have hearing aids for both my ears.  Hearing Specialists made my visit very comfortable with my new hearing aids."

Ashley E. of Marked Tree, AR

"I was told about Hearing Specialists by a personal friend.  My appointment was received in a very timely manner.  Greg and LeAnn were very helpful and informative.  I was very impressed with the friendliness and caring atmosphere, I felt in their office.  My new NuEar hearing aids have improved my hearing tremendously."

Betty O. from Wynne, AR

"If you have trouble hearing, I advise you to come to Hearing Specialists!  They sure helped me and I am 83 years old.  The staff are all very friendly and helpful. They make you feel very comfortable in their new office.  I'm sure you will be very satisfied doing business with them, I have."

Betty T. from Wynne, Arkansas

"I have in the last 10 years not been able to hear very well.  My new NuEar hearing aids have helped tremendously.  I have been able to enjoy being with friends, and hearing sounds so clearly.  I feel I am hearing close to normal; speech and music clearly.  Thanks to Greg and LeAnn for their help in seeing I was satisfied.  God Bless Greg and LeAnn Smith of Hearing Specialists."

Bobby M. of Batesville, AR

"What a wonderful experience - Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists made me feel right at home and well informed about my decision to get hearing aids. I had put it off for quite a while but the testing and fitting process was so easy. Wish I had done it years earlier. Looking forward to hearing all the things and conversations I've been missing."

Buddy N. of Jonesboro, AR

"I couldn’t hear hardly anything before.  Now I can hear just about anything and everything with my new hearing aids.  I don’t have to have people keep repeating.  I don’t have to have the TV turned up very loud now like before.  I am very pleased with my new hearing aids.  I am also very pleased with the staff at Hearing Specialists, everyone is very friendly and helpful."

Carolyn C. from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

"At 39 years old, I was scared to come in for a hearing test.  My wife had been pushing me to get the test done but I didn’t want to know the answer.  However, my experience at Hearing Specialists has been quite positive and I love my new hearing aids!"

Chad W. from Paragould, AR

"The customer service was top notch at Hearing Specialists.  Greg and LeAnn Smith took plenty of time and explained everything thoroughly.  Greg, LeAnn and Brenda made the whole appointment go smoothly and treated me like family--- something that is rare these days!"

Connie B. from Portia, Arkansas

"I am so happy I chose to go to Hearing Specialists.  Greg and LeAnn were very professional and kind.  They made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands.  I am also very happy with my NuEar hearing aids.  I am hearing better than I have in years and I can't even feel them in my ears!"

Crystal P. of Jonesboro, AR

"After 20 years plus, I am hearing things that my wife and kids could hear and it is a blessing, not only to me but my family and business.  I do not have to keep asking everyone to repeat their selves.  I wish I had got them along time ago.  Greg and LeAnn were fantastic about performing the hearing test and explaining the hearing aids and fitting the hearing aids to fit you.  If you are saying "WHAT?" go see Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists."

David P. of Paragould, AR

"I did not know what I was not hearing until I got my hearing aids.  My wife is very happy!  She likes not having to repeat everything.  I am able to have a conversation with other people.  I can talk on the phone and hear what they are saying.  I don't have to have the TV so loud.  My hearing aids have changed my life style so much.  Thanks to Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists."

Donald L. from Manila, Arkansas

"I am real pleased with the help from Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists. They have been very helpful with all my hearing needs."

Dovie B. from Monette, Arkansas

"I am a long term patient of Hearing Specialists and Greg and LeAnn are very professional people.  They are never "pushy" or just trying to make a sale.  They are more concerned about what is best for you.  I have received exceptional care from Greg and LeAnn.  I am very satisfied with the care they have given me.  Above their professional abilities they are people who want only the best for their patients.  I would highly recommend to anyone with a hearing problem that they see Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists."

Elaine G. from Hoxie, Arkansas

"The old saying you don't know what you have until you lose it is so true!  My hearing aids and the service I have received from Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists is above great!!!!  I highly recommend them to everyone!!"

Erma S from Jonesboro AR

"It was a very pleasant experience.  The staff at Hearing Specialists are super nice and well informed professionals.  I love my hearing aids and the staff at Hearing Specialists will help you in any way possible.  I would recommend them to all my friends, relatives, and anyone else who will listen to me.  Thanks Hearing Specialists for listening!"

Fannie S. of Newport, AR

"I have had my hearing aids a week now and have been amazed at what I was missing with my hearing loss. The staff at Hearing Specialists were very helpful in making sure that I understood what the test they were doing was all about and then making sure I knew what to expect with my new hearing aids. Love them."

Gary G. of Rector, AR

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