Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.


Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

29. "I have had so much trouble hearing out of both of my ears; with these new hearing aids everything is much better. I can actually hear my kids talk to me! Thank you so much Hearing Specialists!"

Adam O. from Pocahontas, Arkansas

38. "I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids and the great service at Hearing Specialists."

Alan L. from Wynne, AR

4. "I keep telling myself that my hearing wasn't that bad.  But my family insisted that I get some hearing aids.  So I finally broke down and made the call.  My hearing was worse than I thought.  The first moment they put hearing aids in my ears I began to cry.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  I could hear again, and that was something I haven't been able to do in over 10 years.  I can hear my husband whisper that he loves me.  It was amazing.  Hearing Specialists gave me a gift I could never pay back!"

Angelia B. of Harrisburg, AR

60. "I love my new hearing aids.  They are so comfortable and so easy to operate.  I can hear things now that I didn’t know I’d been missing.  It’s not just that words are louder but they are clearer.  I can hear birds singing- beautiful clocks ticking and even the dog snoring- maybe not a beautiful sound but just knowing he’s sleeping peacefully is a wonderful thing.  Thank you Hearing Specialists."

Annie D. from Jonesboro, AR

10. "I had hearing problems since I was a little girl.  My family members always complain about me talking loud.  When one day I made an appointment with Hearing Specialists and my hearing was worse than I thought.  I had to have hearing aids for both my ears.  Hearing Specialists made my visit very comfortable with my new hearing aids."

Ashley E. of Marked Tree, AR

8. "I was told about Hearing Specialists by a personal friend.  My appointment was received in a very timely manner.  Greg and LeAnn were very helpful and informative.  I was very impressed with the friendliness and caring atmosphere, I felt in their office.  My new NuEar hearing aids have improved my hearing tremendously."

Betty O. from Wynne, AR

66. "If you have trouble hearing, I advise you to come to Hearing Specialists!  They sure helped me and I am 83 years old.  The staff are all very friendly and helpful. They make you feel very comfortable in their new office.  I'm sure you will be very satisfied doing business with them, I have."

Betty T. from Wynne, Arkansas

5. "I have in the last 10 years not been able to hear very well.  My new NuEar hearing aids have helped tremendously.  I have been able to enjoy being with friends, and hearing sounds so clearly.  I feel I am hearing close to normal; speech and music clearly.  Thanks to Greg and LeAnn for their help in seeing I was satisfied.  God Bless Greg and LeAnn Smith of Hearing Specialists."

Bobby M. of Batesville, AR

21. What a wonderful experience - Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists made me feel right at home and well informed about my decision to get hearing aids. I had put it off for quite a while but the testing and fitting process was so easy. Wish I had done it years earlier. Looking forward to hearing all the things and conversations I've been missing."

Buddy N. of Jonesboro, AR

39. "I couldn’t hear hardly anything before.  Now I can hear just about anything and everything with my new hearing aids.  I don’t have to have people keep repeating.  I don’t have to have the TV turned up very loud now like before.  I am very pleased with my new hearing aids.  I am also very pleased with the staff at Hearing Specialists, everyone is very friendly and helpful."

Carolyn C. from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

56. "At 39 years old, I was scared to come in for a hearing test.  My wife had been pushing me to get the test done but I didn’t want to know the answer.  However, my experience at Hearing Specialists has been quite positive and I love my new hearing aids!"

Chad W. from Paragould, AR

45. "The customer service was top notch at Hearing Specialists.  Greg and LeAnn Smith took plenty of time and explained everything thoroughly.  Greg, LeAnn and Brenda made the whole appointment go smoothly and treated me like family--- something that is rare these days!"

Connie B. from Portia, Arkansas

9. "I am so happy I chose to go to Hearing Specialists.  Greg and LeAnn were very professional and kind.  They made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands.  I am also very happy with my NuEar hearing aids.  I am hearing better than I have in years and I can't even feel them in my ears!"

Crystal P. of Jonesboro, AR

12. "After 20 years plus, I am hearing things that my wife and kids could hear and it is a blessing, not only to me but my family and business.  I do not have to keep asking everyone to repeat their selves.  I wish I had got them along time ago.  Greg and LeAnn were fantastic about performing the hearing test and explaining the hearing aids and fitting the hearing aids to fit you.  If you are saying "WHAT?" go see Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists."

David P. of Paragould, AR

69. "I did not know what I was not hearing until I got my hearing aids.  My wife is very happy!  She likes not having to repeat everything.  I am able to have a conversation with other people.  I can talk on the phone and hear what they are saying.  I don't have to have the TV so loud.  My hearing aids have changed my life style so much.  Thanks to Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists."

Donald L. from Manila, Arkansas

52. "I am real pleased with the help from Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists. They have been very helpful with all my hearing needs."

Dovie B. from Monette, Arkansas

67. "I am a long term patient of Hearing Specialists and Greg and LeAnn are very professional people.  They are never "pushy" or just trying to make a sale.  They are more concerned about what is best for you.  I have received exceptional care from Greg and LeAnn.  I am very satisfied with the care they have given me.  Above their professional abilities they are people who want only the best for their patients.  I would highly recommend to anyone with a hearing problem that they see Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists."

Elaine G. from Hoxie, Arkansas

65. "The old saying you don't know what you have until you lose it is so true!  My hearing aids and the service I have received from Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists is above great!!!!  I highly recommend them to everyone!!"

Erma S from Jonesboro AR

3. "It was a very pleasant experience.  The staff at Hearing Specialists are super nice and well informed professionals.  I love my hearing aids and the staff at Hearing Specialists will help you in any way possible.  I would recommend them to all my friends, relatives, and anyone else who will listen to me.  Thanks Hearing Specialists for listening!"

Fannie S. of Newport, AR

7. "I have had my hearing aids a week now and have been amazed at what I was missing with my hearing loss. The staff at Hearing Specialists were very helpful in making sure that I understood what the test they were doing was all about and then making sure I knew what to expect with my new hearing aids. Love them."

Gary G. of Rector, AR

64. "My husband has purchased his 2nd set of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists.  Thanks to Hearing Specialists, my husband can hear me now when I am in the kitchen.  I don't have to go and tell him what I have said; also his friends enjoy talking to him more now.  His hearing aids have made a big improvement for him, as well as all the kids and grandkids."                       

Geneva D from Saffell, Arkansas

34. "I recently purchased my new hearing aids and I am so pleased.  They work so extremely well, I can hear really great.  In fact I’ve had to turn the TV down now.  Thanks again Hearing Specialists"

Gloria M. from Pocahontas, Arkansas

48. "Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists are the most courteous and knowledgeable hearing professionals I have had the privilege of working with.  They are honest people and I will recommend Greg and LeAnn Smith to everyone."

Gloria P. from Brookland, Arkansas

27. "I love my hearing aids!  The sound is really good.  It fits well too.  The batteries last a long time.  I don’t have to say “huh” all the time.  I can actually hear the birds singing!  It’s great!  I’m very happy with the nice people at Hearing Specialists.  Very, very nice people!"

James H. from Marmaduke, Arkansas

17. "Great service! Did not have to wait for an appointment. Got aids for both ears and they are working great."

James P. of Paragould, AR

50. "Understanding people was my problem. Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists took time to determine the root cause of my hearing problems. The hearing aids have improved my quality of life tremendously. Being able to understand what people are saying is great!"

Jan W. from Jonesboro, Arkansas

36. "I am on my second set of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists and I have been so very pleased and helped tremendously from my hearing aids.  I’ve had a hard time hearing and lost words, lost translation before I got my hearing aids.  I was frustrated, mad and upset.  The last time I tried to carry on a conversation without my hearing aids, I couldn’t.  Definitely a big improvement in my life, my new hearing aids with the help of Hearing Specialists."

Jennifer F. from Jonesboro, Arkansas

13. "I had a great experience at Hearing Specialists. They are fast and friendly and made this a great visit for me."

Jerry F. of Wynne, AR

16. "I was apprehensive at first to seek help for my hearing loss.  I noticed more and more that my family was getting aggravated with me because of my hearing loss.  It created a lot of tension in my family.  I decided to go see Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists for a consultation and hearing aid fitting.  They are very professional and do a wonderful job of making sure you get the best hearing aids for your condition.  Looking forward to a future of better hearing and less tension!"

Jimmy W. of Wilson, AR

46. "I’ve had numerous hearing tests over the years but the one I had at Hearing Specialists was the most in-depth one I’ve ever had.  I’m impressed with not only the test itself but with Greg and LeAnn Smith who performed it.  They were very professional and kind.  I felt at ease with them.   Greg and LeAnn were genuinely concerned about my hearing problem and how to make it better.  The hearing aids I was fitted with have helped me to hear some of the very important things I’ve been missing.  Thanks Guys!"

Joe T. from Trumann, Arkansas

43. "I have gotten two sets of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists of Jonesboro.  I am totally glad I went to Greg and LeAnn Smith; they are super nice people with a perfectly great attitude towards everyone.  I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids and the friendly service provided.  Brenda is a welcoming face when I walked in and super nice.  These people at Hearing Specialists are hardworking and pleasant to do business with.  Thank you for all you do, everyone at Hearing Specialists!  Happy Customer!!!!"

Joyce K. from Bono, Arkansas

59. "Greg, LeAnn, and Marsha have provided hearing aids and service to me for many years.  I have now purchased my 4th set.  The hearing aids and test equipment are the latest in technology.  The personal service I receive at Hearing Specialists is unequaled!  They clean, test and adjust my hearing aids as needed.  Hearing Specialists truly care about your hearing problems—and it shows!!!" 

John B. from Osceola, AR

30. "Getting hearing aids from Hearing Specialists is such a blessing, to be able to hear again better than I have in a long time.  I so appreciate everything Hearing Specialists have done to help restore my hearing.  Thank you!  May God bless you, Greg and LeAnn Smith.  Thank you again!"

Ken M. from Blytheville, Arkansas

35. "I got my NuEar hearing aids a week age and can all ready tell a big difference in the way I hear.  I can understand what people are saying to me.  It has been so long since I have been able to hear I didn’t know what I was missing.  I want to thank Hearing Specialists for helping me with my hearing.  They take the time to I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids and the great service at Hearing Specialists."

Larry B. from Newport, Arkansas

2. "I was embarrassed in getting hearing aids at only 47 years old, but Greg and LeAnn made me feel comfortable and treated me with dignity and respect, as if I was an old friend.  I would recommend anyone getting hearing aids to get them from Hearing Specialists.  They will treat you right!"

Larry R. of Dyess, AR

28. "I want to say my experience with these wonderful folks has been amazing!  My hearing had been getting worse for over a year than a friend told me about Hearing Specialists and they were as good as she said.  Taking time with me, reassuring, making me very comfortable.  Now that I have my hearing aids, I am telling everyone how great Greg and LeAnn Smith are."

Leona H. from Ravenden, Arkansas

22. "Everyone at Hearing Specialists is pleasant, friendly and courteous. Love my hearing aids."

Leona R. of Jonesboro, AR

31. "I want to tell everyone to go to Hearing Specialists.  Greg and LeAnn made me feel good about myself and made me feel very comfortable when they tested me.  I am so glad I went to Hearing Specialists.  For years I needed hearing aids and now that I got them I am so very happy and glad I went to Hearing Specialists.  Greg and LeAnn help you understand what’s going on.  The staff at Hearing Specialists is very helpful and if you need a hearing aid, I am here to tell everyone out there that Hearing Specialists is the right place to go.  I won’t go anywhere else ever again!  Hearing Specialists is right for me!"

Linda B. from Harrisburg, Arkansas

1. "I am 70 years old and had never had my hearing tested.  I was very apprehensive about getting it checked, but my family kept complaining about my hearing.  The staff at Hearing Specialists were very friendly, helpful, and made me feel at ease.  The whole experience was very pleasant.  Greg and LeAnn never pressured me to purchase hearing aids, but I am so glad that I did.  I would recommend them to anyone with a hearing problem."

Linda T. of Tyronza, AR

33. "Greg and LeAnn Smith are two extremely nice specialists who are very informative.  My ears are very bad and my hearing aids have to be adjusted and Hearing Specialists are going to do that today.  Whole staff at Hearing Specialists is real nice and very helpful."

Lola G. from Swifton, Arkansas

58. "I am so thankful for my hearing aids.  I can hear the family talking, the birds singing, and the preacher preaching.  Hearing Specialist is such a blessing!!!"

Lucille E. from Jonesboro, AR

62. "My experience in dealing with Hearing Specialists was very professional and they explained every aspects of what I was getting in my new hearing aids.  I am very pleased with the results of my visit."

Margaret H. from Jonesboro, AR

15. "It is always a pleasant experience to visit Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists.  This is my 2nd set of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists.  The hearing test is very professional and greatly benefitted me.  I would and do recommend Hearing Specialists to everyone who has noticed a hearing loss."

Mary J of Pocahontas, AR

24. "I must tell you that I so appreciate the kindness Greg and LeAnn Smith have showed to me.  Also I would like to say how well pleased I am with my hearing aids.  It is great to be able to hear again.  I am very pleased with the service at Hearing Specialists.  Even when I’ve had to go back for adjustments, cleanings or problems, Hearing Specialists are always helpful and friendly.  Thanks so very much!"

Mary R. from Reyno, AR

63. "I have purchased 4 hearing aids from Hearing Specialists and have been completely satisfied with the service provided.  The 1st set lasted beyond the predicted time frame and my current ones have been without any problems.  Greg and LeAnn have provided friendly and satisfactory service every time I have needed them.  Because of their genuine desire to aid my hearing in every way possible, we have come to develop a great personal friendship.  I continue to recommend others to Hearing Specialists at every opportunity because I am confident that all their clients are treated with the same personal concern as I have experienced."

Maxine S. from Jonesboro, AR

37. "I came to see Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists in April.  It has been a totally new experience for me.  I hear a lot more things now and I don’t get loud when I talk.  So I want to thank Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists for helping me.  Thanks"

Melisa C. from St. Charles, Arkansas

20. "My experience so far has been easy going and easy to learn!  The focus on my hearing loss was number one!  I am adjusting to my new hearing aids and it has made hearing easier for me.  LeAnn has helped me or taught me how to care for my hearing aids, and Greg was very easy to understand during the testing process.  LeAnn helps me with the adjusting as well.  I have my hearing back and that is the greatest thing!"

Michael M. of Jonesboro, AR

41. "I am now wearing my second set of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists.  Hearing little things turned into be things in my life, thanks to Hearing Specialists.  The sound of my little girl was the biggest sound that made my heart filled with joy.  The sound of birds and just the wind blowing was a new amazing sound.  Thanks so very much!"

Michael P. from Caraway, Arkansas

44. "Having used Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists twice, I would recommend them to anyone who wants good service and someone who cares.  Greg and LeAnn check and recheck the aids for clarity before they let you walk out the door.  Completely satisfied!!!!"

Miles S. from Manila, Arkansas

61. "Hearing Specialists is very professional but personal office.  I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids, now I hear as close to perfect as I could possibly be.  Was so amazed how “bad” the acoustics were at church and shocked to hear how everything sounds now with my new hearing aids and how normal they feel in my ears!  My husband and family are very happy about our life improvements with my new hearing aids.  Thought I would listen to TV at “normal” volume and found that I could turn the volume way down and hear better!  Most changed for me was my stress level from straining to hear and always being careful that I answered people appropriately.  I now enjoy conversation again!  Less nervous!  So WORTH the $$$$."

Pat D. from Walnut Ridge, AR

14. "Staff at Hearing Specialists are very helpful.  I am extremely satisfied with my new hearing aids, very easy to place in my ears.  Outstanding product, state of the art, convenient, and above all I can hear again.  Can't wait till I hear deer walking in the leaves, that will be the icing on the cake."

Pat H. of Jonesboro, AR

55. "I recently purchased my NuEar hearing aids from Hearing Specialists.  I am so glad I finely decided to get hearing aids.  I am very pleased with them!  None of that horrible whistling noise you can hear with some hearing aids.  The staffs at Hearing Specialists have been most helpful with adjustments, to answering any questions I have, and they take the time to listen to me.  I recommend Hearing Specialists and these hearing aids to anyone needing hearing help."

Patricia B. from Jonesboro, AR

49. "I have been using Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists for all my hearing needs for over eight years. I have had nothing but quality service from both Greg and LeAnn who help me with all my hearing needs and problems. Greg and LeAnn have been both very generous and helpful. I would recommend them to anybody with hearing problems, small or large. I thank the Lord for bringing them into my life."

Paul S. from LePanto, Arkansas

32. "I didn’t realize that my hearing was so bad until I got my new hearing aids from Hearing Specialists in Jonesboro.  The sounds around me were so much clearer and louder that I asked my son if the sounds were always that loud or if I was just hearing them louder.  He said that I was just hearing everything better.  I am so pleased with my hearing aids that I told my sister who also got her a set of new hearing aids.  I am telling everyone.  My family and I are so very pleased."

Phyllis S. from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

6. "I went to see Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists because of a recommendation from an associate that I work with.  Best decision of my life!  I had the most thorough exam I have ever had by any medical professional.  I was fitted with new custom hearing aids for my hearing loss and found myself hearing things that I haven't heard in years.  Great folks that help folks enjoy life again!"

Robert F. of Monette, AR

11. "I like my hearing aids very much! I think you did a very good job. I am very much satisfied. Thank you!"

Robert J. of Wynne, AR

25. "I am really pleased and excited about my hearing aids.  I haven’t been able to hear this good in a long time.  We were treated really well and Hearing Specialists really cared about us.  We will tell people we know how good Hearing Specialists are and how helpful they are."

Robert M. from Pocahontas, AR

57. "Thank you Hearing Specialists, I hear things I never heard before.  It is a new world to me!  Hearing Specialists worked with me and I am so glad I met them, they made me feel like I am somebody.  Hearing Specialists had just what I needed.  My family now doesn’t have to ask me to turn down the TV, they call me and I hear them.  Thank God for Hearing Specialists!"

Ronald W. from Blytheville, AR

18. "I feel like the staff at Hearing Specialists were very professional and courteous.  They listened to my hearing needs and my financial needs.  I had to come back to let them adjust for background noises and they were happy to do so.  Love my aids."

Russell S. of Jonesboro, AR

62. "Before I got my new hearing aids from Hearing Specialists, I was always complaining, I still couldn’t hear good.  It got to the point that I would not even wear my old aids.  Now I wear my new hearing aids all day and don’t take them out till it is time to go to bed.  I can’t tell I even have them in except I can now hear and they are so very comfortable.  My friends didn’t even know I wore hearing aids; I don’t have to worry about the volume anymore for my aids adjust automatically.  I really like my new hearing aids.  Greg, LeAnn, and Marsha at Hearing Specialists are very friendly and will help you with whatever problem you have."

Sandra A. from Wilson, AR

54. "I have purchased my 2nd set of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists.  Ever since I have been coming to Hearing Specialists, I have had nothing but good experiences.  Greg and LeAnn explain all that will be going on and answer all your questions you may have.  Marsha reminds me to get a doctor’s prescription so I don’t have to pay sales tax.  Hearing Specialists is always trying to save you money and give you the best price for the best suited hearing aids for your loss."

Sandra A. from Wilson, AR

26. "On my third set of hearing aids from Hearing Specialists and ever since I have been coming to Hearing Specialists I have had nothing but good experiences!  Greg and LeAnn explain all that will be going on and answer all questions you might have.  They have reminded me to get a prescription from my doctor, so I wouldn’t have to pay for sales tax.  Hearing Specialists will help give you the best hearing solutions for your hearing problems.  Thanks Hearing Specialists."

Sandra A from Wilson, Arkansas

51. "I visited Hearing Specialists at the urging of my daughter. My initial meeting with LeAnn and Greg resulted in the recommendation of hearing aids. I felt very comfortable and cared for during the exam and process. Greg and LeAnn are honest, kind and treated me with respect and dignity. Greg and LeAnn are honest, kind and treated me with respect and dignity. Greg and LeAnn explained every step thoroughly and answered any questions I had. I highly recommend Hearing Specialists to anyone concerned about their hearing or those with existing hearing needs."

Sharon G. from Harrisburg, Arkansas

42. "Hearing Specialists was very helpful with me and making sure the hearing aids were comfortable for my ears, never had a problem with them.  I would tell a friend or a family member to go to Hearing Specialists, if they needed too.  Greg, LeAnn and Brenda are very friendly people always have a smile on their face and try their best to make things very simple and easy for you."

Shawnna H. from Alicia, Arkansas

68. "My job as a social worker involves interviews and because of my hearing loss I was having a lot of difficulty understanding what people were saying.  I have had a hearing loss for several years and trust Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists to take care of my hearing needs.  I love my new hearing aids.  Greg, LeAnn, and my hearing aids have made it possible for me to continue doing the job that I do."

Sunny R. from Trumann, Arkansas

19. "These hearing aids changed my life for the better so much more than I could ever imagine.  I would suggest everyone to be checked because I didn't realize how much sound I was missing.  Greg and LeAnn are most professional and very helpful.  They changed my life for the better and I am so thankful."

Tim S. of Maynard, AR

70. "If you are really concerned about having better hearing and want to be able to enjoy those conversations with your family and those around you.  If you don't want to miss out on a lot of things including everyday life and have a better quality of life, see Greg and LeAnn at Hearing Specialists!  I promise you that you will be Truly Blessed by Better Hearing.  Greg and LeAnn truly care about you and helping you to hear better.  I can't say enough about how they have helped me!"

Tom F. from Pocahontas, Arkansas

40. "I could not be more pleased than I am with the treatment I received from LeAnn and Greg here at Hearing Specialists.  My experience has been all good.  I now have new aids and I am so please with them.  I do not have one complaint.  I am so happy I came to them for their wonderful service."

Vernell C. from Jonesboro, Arkansas

47. "I had a very good experience with Greg and LeAnn Smith and staff at my hearing test and evaluation.  They are very nice and very affectionate.  I was very comfortable at all times.  Greg and LeAnn Smith explained everything in detail."

Vivian S. from Ravenden Springs, Arkansas

53. "I purchased my hearing aids from Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists and while attending a 4-H event near Little Rock, AR in January 1 lost one of my aids.  I was attending a shotgun shooting class and found myself placing and removing my muffler hearing protectors.  My hearing aids are so comfortable that it was that evening while returning to my room that I realized that one was missing.  I took my flashlight and returned to the range and searched but had no luck.
Over the next two months Arkansas was drenched with several torrential downpours with Little Rock being the hardest hit during the winter storms.  Two months later I was scheduled to be back at the Center with some of my boys.  As soon as I got my bags to my room I headed for the range without the slightest hope of locating my lost hearing aids but just maybe.  I lost all hope when I saw the area had been flooded and then mowed for our arrival but I was there so why not take a quick look.  I saw nothing.  As I stood and looked at the rain washed slope I wondered if it may have been washed down from the seating area toward the edge of the grass and I began another walk along the edge of the area.  To my surprise at the edge of a twig was my unit.
Surprised as I was to find my unit, I knew that it was just going to be a shell of no good use.  I checked the battery housing and could tell that it had been wet---done.  I returned to my room and those with me were just as surprised that it had been found and had survived the winter weather ordeal as well as a bush hog mowing.  Just on an off chance I inserted a battery and enjoyed the greatest surprise----it functioned perfectly!  I was amazed.  
When I returned home I brought it in to Greg and LeAnn Smith at Hearing Specialists of Jonesboro, AR.   They checked it out and simply replaced the ear bud and thoroughly cleaned it up.  Nearly two years later it is still working like the great little machine that it is.  I have been impressed with not only my hearing devices but the great service and always the warm greetings I get from Greg and LeAnn.  Thanks Guys."


Wayne H. from Jonesboro, Arkansas

23. "The hearing devices I got from Hearing Specialists are great, very comfortable and sound quality is a as good or better than expected. Getting used to wearing them is a breeze. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with them."

William H. of Harrisburg, AR